Sophie Gunn

Small-town America, one love story at a time.

What folks are saying about
Sweet Kiss of Summer by Sophie Gunn

“This often funny, secrets-laced romance raises some serious issues, leaving readers’ eyes shining both with happiness and tears.”

--Library Journal, 7/​28

“Chick lit at its best…This is a poignant war story filled with hard-to-resist characters, stalwart friends, scandal, shenanigans along with a refreshingly mischievous romance.”

--Romance Junkies

“Sweet Kiss of Summer is not only a romance, a sweet one at that, it’s a suspense story. I really enjoyed this element. Gunn pulls the readers in, and she doesn’t disappoint.”

--Night Owl Reviews

(SWEET KISS OF SUMMER is published by Grand Central Publishing, Aug 4, 2011. ISBN 0446562009.)